NATA Music! -Open Round

2015-07-20 14:05:21 by TheGoatee

Hey guys!

One of my favorite times of the year is here with NATA! Last year I got the priveledge of working with amazing animators including Mr Chambers, dylan, and the Grand Prize winner Sketjrobot, and this year I'm working with an equally talented group of animators who bring the best out of me as a composer. This contest has been a huge learning experience for me, challenging me to write in a wide variety of different styles and capture many different moods. I've also made new friends that I never would've met. So I'm grateful, NATA!


Now I was going to talk about the Novice round since it just happened but 1. None of the pieces are wrote for are published yet and 2. I didn't even talk about the last round!

For the Open Round I got to write for 3 great shorts, and and an additional short used my premade music. They are:


Loves Me, Loves Me Not created by Dylan

Facts for Kids created by MihaP

Telling the Truth created by TheSillieGuy

Untitled Short by Magnivez


Thanks to the very talented animators for allowing me to write for you guys, it's a blast!


Stay updated, I will post about the novice round as soon as the shorts are published which include work by dylan, Magnivez, and an animator I've had the pleasure of meeting recently HowardWimshurst!


On a different note, subscribe to my new YouTube channel! It will be where I create orchestral covers of popular anime and video game songs, and also post the occasional original work. If you could subscribe and maybe like the first video posted, an orchestral version of the Tokyo Ghoul Theme, you'd be my hero!


Thanks guys,

The Goatee


Hey, guys! Making a post imploring you to like an indie animated series I am composing for, ARMSMasters, on Facebook!

Check it out, post on the wall, and stay tuned for the first micro episode that will come out before the end of the year!

Thanks guys,

The Goatee

ARMSMasters Animated Series

2014-09-16 20:08:26 by TheGoatee

Hey Newgrounds, thought I'd tell you about an upcoming animated series, ARMSMasters! Its produced by the awesome Michael Winn and his amazing animation team at Alpha Omega Animation, and I compose the music for them! The project was successfully Kickstarted in 2012 and has been rigorously under construction since then, with a teaser and a micro episode in the works to be released in the coming weeks. Here is the test reel from 2013, with music by done by Andrew Prahlow.

Here's a small test preview teaser for the upcoming micro episode and a preview of the music!


Support the series by following it and us at the links below!


Be looking out for the teaser and the micro episode that will hopefully be coming out sometime during the remainder of the year. The music will also feature a certain YouTube singer....gotta watch to find out who! Hope you guys like what you see and that you'll support us to get this bad boy going! Thanks guys!

NATA Musical Scores!

2014-07-17 17:43:50 by TheGoatee

I have posted the scores for Mr. Chambers' "Robot Babys", dylan's "Red Snow" and "The Desert of Metropolis", and StejkRobot's "Desperate Measures"! Feel free to rate, comment, or watch the video using the link in the song descripition or on my home page. Thanks guys!


2014-06-20 17:54:16 by TheGoatee

Had a blast writing music for dylan and his animated short for the Novice Round of NATA, check it out!


2014-05-22 14:53:44 by TheGoatee

Haven't been very social on the site, but I would like to start! My name is Jake, but you guys can call me The Goatee. I am a freelance composer for independant projects at the moment such as games, web series, cartoons and so forth, and I would love to help with any project that needs some music! 


Also, feel free to rate and comment the pieces on my front page, as well as on my soundcloud (link in the bottom left corner). Thanks!