NATA Musical Scores!

2014-07-17 17:43:50 by TheGoatee

I have posted the scores for Mr. Chambers' "Robot Babys", dylan's "Red Snow" and "The Desert of Metropolis", and StejkRobot's "Desperate Measures"! Feel free to rate, comment, or watch the video using the link in the song descripition or on my home page. Thanks guys!


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2014-07-17 22:25:09

awesome, glad to see those are up! I'll add them to the credits section on my films' pages in case people want to get ahold of them

TheGoatee responds:



2014-09-12 03:50:16

Really loved your music in The Desert of Metropolis and The Red Snow. Very elegant. Maybe in a couple more months once I have more programming knowledge (only been learning since the start of the year) you could score one of my games :P

Keep up the beautiful work.