ARMSMasters Animated Series

2014-09-16 20:08:26 by TheGoatee

Hey Newgrounds, thought I'd tell you about an upcoming animated series, ARMSMasters! Its produced by the awesome Michael Winn and his amazing animation team at Alpha Omega Animation, and I compose the music for them! The project was successfully Kickstarted in 2012 and has been rigorously under construction since then, with a teaser and a micro episode in the works to be released in the coming weeks. Here is the test reel from 2013, with music by done by Andrew Prahlow.

Here's a small test preview teaser for the upcoming micro episode and a preview of the music!


Support the series by following it and us at the links below!


Be looking out for the teaser and the micro episode that will hopefully be coming out sometime during the remainder of the year. The music will also feature a certain YouTube singer....gotta watch to find out who! Hope you guys like what you see and that you'll support us to get this bad boy going! Thanks guys!


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